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Illustrating books is a new creative pursuit, that has grown very quickly, with three books commissioned within a month of the first one being published! I take pride in producing cover quality art for every page, so I can offer young readers a magical land that is engaging, believable and fun for them.

My illustrations are done on an iPad generously provided by that enables me to work from my inclined bed. This allows me to keep on creating even when my body isn’t able to do much. My arm is propped by pillows and the zoom-in capacity of the software allows me to work on details even when my hand is shaky or weak.

Below: Me illustrating my second book for Canadian Author and Municipal Councillor, Nancy Tapley.

The Rhino and the Moth

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Who Can It Be?

Every page of this magical book written by Municipal Councillor and Canadiana Author, Nancy Tapley takes children on a journey …

Who Can It Be?

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